GIS Ready Data, for all your GIS Data intergration needs

TKDS takes every step to ensure our collected data and products are compatible with GIS software. We know that some times standard GIS tools are not enough for project completion, TKDS works with you to develop the need results with hardware and software for your GIS data intergration need's.

Turnkey Data Solutions LLC understands just how important relationships are. And when it comes to creating strategies for you and your business, you can expect communication to be at the center. The more effective the communication, the better the results - it's that simple.

  • Land Survey & Remote Sensing
  • Aerial Inspection & Photography
  • Data Processing & 3D Modeling
  • Emergency & Disaster Response
  • Agriculture
  • Architectural & Engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Residential & Commercial Real Estate
  • Energy & Petroleum


Business is incredibly complicated today, especially with advancements in technology, expanding markets, and the ever-present 24-hours of operation. Yet with all the drivers, changes and improvements, what remain at the heart of good business and business practices are relationships.

Better Data = Better results

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